Hey gang, how you all doing? Welcome back to my clothing and accessories blog, where I get to let out everything I have been thinking about regarding the world of clothes. Me and some friends just got back from a short trip to Paris and it was so stressful! Not the actual trip, more the finding out what to wear for the trip. I hate being a tourist somewhere and looking like a tourist. If you are looking at the same dilemma any time soon, here are some quick tips on what to wear in Paris. 


I know its Europe, but you can’t just run around topless! Having the right top on is extremely important (something that my boyfriend doesn’t understand) so I had to pack enough for every possible occasion. I packed myself a plain, striped V neck t shirt as well as a grey tank top, white button down blouse and a striped crop tank top. I also had a black soft blazer with me in case I got cold, and I choose black as it would contrast any of the tops I chose. 


I didn’t pack anywhere near as much for my bottom half as I did my top half. There were only a handful of different styles, which makes sense a single pair of black skinnies will work well with multiple outfits. In my suitcase was also some black leggings, a shortish black skirt as well as two dresses. There was a black frilly dress for nights out, and a white and black striped linen dress for those days when it is too hot for anything else. What do you all think of what I packed with me? Obviously there was lots of room in my bag for me to get some clothes while we were there (not my plan at all) but other than the wishes of nice clothes this was all I brought with me for two weeks in Paris.

 clothing in PAris