Hey guys, its Tommy back again with my first ever fashion post on my clothes, shoes and accessories blog. Today I wanted to talk about watches, my favourite piece of men's jewelry. I own many wristwatches, from Rolex to Bulova so I looked at the history of them. The story of the wristwatch is an interesting one. In the late eighteen hundreds, people were getting tired of having to take their pocket watch out of their pocket to tell the time. So some genius decided to add a strap on the watch and place it around the wrist, which was insanely popular. But about 5-10 years ago, cell phones became so popular that people didn’t need watched, instead pulling their phone out to tell the time. You can probably guess where this is headed; people are now buying more watches to stop the unnecessary hassle of pulling ehri phone out. How the times change! 

With wristwatches becoming popular again, you have to make sure that you wear it right. First, wear your watch on your non dominant hand. It may not be as convenient initially to look at, but you will avoid scratching the band as much. The second mistake that people make is wearing a watch that is too big/small. A good tip to have, is that when you first get a watch go to the store that it was purchased from and ask for another link. Most shops will give you one free, and with one more in the box you will be able to make it bigger or smaller very easily. For a long lasting strap, don’t clasp the watch shut when storing it. Instead leave it open so that the clasp doesn’t get unnecessary wear. Those are the best beginner watch tips I can give, hopefully it helps you guys make your watch last!

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