My favourite sunglasses

Hey everyone welcome back to Tommy Saturday Night, my clothing shoes and accessories blog. Today I was out for a drive with my girlfriend and I almost lost my favorite pair of sunglasses! I would have been so distraught as I've had these sunglasses for three years in total, and I have been using this exact model of sunglasses from the same company for almost a decade. Normally this would be okay to lose them as I can just get a new pair but I no longer live in the country that I bought them in and these aren't exactly a common type of sunglasses you see where I live now. They actually aren't even sunglasses at all; they are work safety glasses.

I first bought these sunglasses as a pair of work safety glasses when I was working in the oil field as they were a good-looking cheap and durable pair of glasses. They have polarized lenses on them meaning that I was able to see extremely well when I was working and they're also really good when you're driving. Not only this but they are so durable I've actually showen them off to people by just squeezing my glasses in my hand and they don't even come close to breaking. The best part is no one has ever noticed that these are not sunglasses and in fact safety glasses.


Next time you guys are looking for a good pair of reliable sunglasses on the cheaper side checkout your local hardware and work outfitter shop. I first bought these glasses for $20 almost 10 years ago and they are only $30 now which is a significant increase but way less then what my friend paid for his sunglasses from a skateboarding company. Hope you guys have a great day and I will speak to you again next week.