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Ethical Fashion


When it comes to global, social and political matters, quite often fashion gets neglected. Written off as a sideshow to our lives, rather than the centre stage that it takes for so many of us.  The global textile and garment industry, which includes all textiles, clothing, footwear and luxury fashion, is currently estimated to be worth nearly $3,000 trillion.  Let me just repeat that. Three thousand trillion.  In case you’re wondering how many zero’s that entails it’s 15.   

And It gets even more ridiculous when you look into the industry.  
‘Consumers in the United Kingdom have an estimated $46.7 billion worth of unworn clothes in their closets’  As consumers we tend to think the responsibility is out of our hands. We put our misguided faith into retailers, designers and brands which exploit thousands of people around the world; men, women and children.  

However, there are plenty of brands out there that are doing their bit for sustainable and ethical fashion. And you can do your bit by; changing up your shopping habits and buying more stuff from ethical designers, buying second hand where possible and re-using, re-purposing and recycling where possible.

Luxury Ethical Fashion

Stella McCartney

One of the few luxury designers who focuses on ethical fashion. McCartneys collections are clean and minimalist whilst maintaining elegance and luxury.

Born and raised as a vegetarian, it makes sense that Stella McCartneys clothes would be ethical and sustainable. Her entire collection doesn’t use any fur or leather products, although it does use wool and silk. Stella McCartney has even made waves in larger companies who through her collaborations use ethical products  When McCartney designed Stan Smiths for Adidas they were the first vegan pari to ever be produced.

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High Street ethical Fashion

When it comes to high street fashion most of the big names aren’t that ethical.  And unfortunately those that are tend to focus on everyday fashion like tshirts rather than fashionable items.

Fat Face

With a company wide Code of Conduct which states that all their factories must abide, Fat Face is starting their move to ethical fashion.

fat face

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Monsoon are committed to ethical trading. They have a compliance team which regularly checks all their factories globally to see if they abide their Code of Conduct.  This code of Conduct sets out their minimum requirements which includes; working conditions, employment rights and contracts and pay.

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People tree

One of the first brands most people discover when looking into ethical fashion. People tree have been around for 20 years and proudly ethical since day one. They use organic as well as fairtrade fabrics, and have improved conditions for workers including; fair wages, working conditions and working environments.  



Check out People Tree here; http://www.peopletree.co.uk/

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